Old Omen found each other at a Beatles tribute show in 2016, where founding members Lindsay Boone and Grady Axton Davis played "Come Together" and "Helter Skelter," then ended up just talking endlessly about the greatness of the Beatles. Boone thought her bluesy, gritty voice would be a great match for Davis' bluesy, gritty guitar playing, and she asked him to play in a gig at a brewery with her. They wrote an original song, "Sweet Ol Tune," the first night they rehearsed... he showed her Led Zeppelin, she showed him Otis Redding, and the rest is history!

    Old Omen plays their unique mixture of bluesy, swampy folk rock around East Texas, performing a slew of edgy originals with a few covers, and are available for private events.

     Boone has been an avid singer for 20 years, performing in musicals, choirs, a cappella groups and as a solo artist for the past 18 years. She has experience singing with jazz trios and artists, but after falling in love with Etta James, pretty much only wants to sing blues/rock/gospel. Boone also loves scat and ad-libbing, and sings skillfully in the tenor, alto and soprano range.

   Davis is a self-taught guitarist of exceptional skill who first picked up his guitar at the age of 13... and he's rarely put it down since. A keen sense of technical rule-breaking, a slew of gifted solos and a unique rhythmic style make Davis a true original in his field.

Photo by Stellate Photography.

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